Today, May 24, 2007, marks a special day in Jim Hudak's life. "First of all, it's our 10th wedding anniversary for my wife Linda and I," he says proudly. "Secondly, it's exactly 10 years ago today that The Spunkies, a band I co-founded with Zubito Huascar and Jimmy 'Fingers' Schlauch, gave our first and only public performance. It took place in Nashville, Tennessee, as part of my wedding reception festivities. Obviously, I'll never forget either of those two monumental events, which essentially took place in conjunction with each other as part of a very significant occasion." Joining The Spunkies for the historic May 24, 1997 performance was Marc Gonzales, a talented musician who's played and recorded with the band several times over the years. He sings, plays bass and guitar, and has been known to provide a rhythmic touch to the band's sound on numerous occasions. For the Nashville performance, he also provided some vocal instruction for Huascar, a unique musician who occasionally faces pitch and tonality challenges. "Marc helped Zubito turn in a solid performance on that magical night 10 years ago," Hudak notes. "It was a landmark performance for our band, which has its own charisma, in spite of our experimental and improvisational nature." Hudak celebrated his 10th wedding anniversary by taking his lovely wife to a trip to the Northwest. "We flew from Oakland to Seattle, then on to Port Angeles, Victoria and Vancouver, B.C.," relates Hudak. "It was fun to show Linda some of the places that have meant so much to me throughout my life. There's not much prettier country on earth than British Columbia and western Washington, and it was a blast showing her around that beautiful area." Having now returned safely to their Clayton, CA home, the Hudaks have several projects lined up around the house for this Memorial Day weekend. "Besides home related tasks, I continue to move forward with my plans to build a good, solid home studio," says Hudak. "It's a vital step for me to make to be able to professionally yet affordably record my music and my voice for all sorts of various applications." May 24, 1997 to May 24, 2007. Ten years in the life of Jim Hudak, an extraordinary and gifted artist.

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