Continued airplay for over 25 of his recordings, ongoing regular performance engagements, and a slew of private parties have been highlights to a busy musical summer for pianist-composer Jim Hudak. Add the considerable time spent in his new home studio, and you quickly see how this is a musician with passion and dedication. "I'm slowly getting my compositions and recordings together and stored on my various computer hard drives," said Hudak recently. "To have good access to my songs and recordings and be able to send them out by e-mail at a moment's notice is the goal for any serious musician nowadays. It's a painstaking process, but I'm starting to get more comfortable with it." Utilizing a powerful ProTools system with his new Apple Computer set up, loaded with plug ins and recording options, Hudak is continually amazed at the possibilities. From orchestral music to simple live recording of piano, vocals, and guitar, he's joined the ranks of thousands of musicians who now record in the comfort of their own home studio. Film and soundtrack applications continue to be the focus of much of what Jim Hudak is working on these days. Music licensing, music publishing and co-publishing agreements, and more and more new compositions are filling his plate. "It's an ongoing process," he says. "And it's nice to see the fruits of one's labor start to accumulate. I expect a whole new bunch of my songs to be added to satellite radio music stations in the near future." As summer heats up, so do this musician's efforts to expand on his already successful career.

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