Yes, it's been far too long.  Somehow, the "administration" of my music - updating websites, sending out notices of gigs and updating my performance schedule, not to mention taking part in social networking - it's all crashed and burned.  I haven't tended to it in months, as any of you who might have dropped by this website might have noticed. 

For whatever reason, I lost the fire for all the busywork that needs attention.  Halfheartedly, I've been trying to find someone to help me with the administration and handling of the many facets of my music business.  So far, the right connection hasn't been made.

But I do have some ideas that I'll be pursuing along those lines. A way to freshen things up and keep you informed. In the meantime, I'm adding a post or two to let you know what I've been up to. 

The good news is that I have been performing, a lot.  And recording, too!  The music sounds and feels good.  It's just the business stuff that I've grown weary of, though I know how important it is.  We'll try to get things back on track.

Please hang in there with me.  It's good to be back.   Thanks for your patience!


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