It was billed as the Guinness World Record Breaking Attempt, and it was successful. Led by legendary performer and Bay Area icon Country Joe McDonald, Jim Hudak joined 2,051 other guitar players last Tuesday night, July 1st, to set a new world record for the largest guitar ensemble ever gathered in one place at one time. Todos Plaza Park in downtown Concord, CA provided the setting as guitarists young and old joined Country Joe in the singing and playing of the Woody Guthrie classic, "This Land Is Your Land." The atmosphere was indescribable. Guitars and people of all shapes and sizes jammed the park, with all them Bay Area news media capturing video and sound of the historic gathering. City and County dignitaries and officials got a chance to wave and take a bow, many of who had guitars and performed right along with the rest of those in attendance. Every guitarist had to register and sign in to authenticate their presence in order to validate the new record. The chance to play with Country Joe, most famous for leading the "F-Cheer" at The Woodstock Festival in 1969, proved to be enough of a drawing card to attract the 2,000-plus guitar players. And with such electricity in the air, it was worth the effort to find a parking place in crowded downtown Concord. A good time was had by all, and the previous world's record of 1,800 guitars in ensemble has been eclipsed.

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