Jim Hudak, a San Francisco based pianist-composer, will have a segment of his recording of Jimmy Webb's "By The Time I Get To Phoenix" performed on WFUV-FM 90.7 on Sunday, August 17th.  Christine Lavin, well known singer-songwriter, will be paying tribute to Webb on the Sunday Breakfast radio show she'll host from 8-11 AM, Eastern Time.  A verse of Hudak's instrumental version of "Phoenix" will be included along with pieces of two other artists' renditions of the song, resulting in an interesting "mash-up." The radio show will be archived for two weeks from the original broadcast at WFUV.org.

One of Webb's most beloved compositions, Hudak's version features piano and cello. It serves as the "middle section" of Lavin's spliced together translation of the song.  The other two verses will be vocalized, making for an interesting contrast of sounds and styles to a well known melody.

Christine Lavin has performed for years, as both a soloist and as a member of The Four Bitchin' Babes.  Her style is multi-faceted, favoring the witty and clever side of songwriting, with life's ups and downs and politics mixed in.  She's particularly well known and respected in folk music circles, and has an excellent singing voice.

Jim Hudak performs constantly, mostly in the Bay Area and on the West Coast.  His compositions and recordings are heard regularly on satellite radio and music subscritption services, including Sirius/XM, DMX, Pandora, Spotify, and many others.  His highly acclaimed Bridging Textures CD. co-produced by the legendary Will Ackerman, continues to garner airplay far and wide, as Hudak combines his pianistic artistry with contributions from bassist Michael Manring, violinist Tracy Silverman, and other well-known studio musicians for a unique, compelling sound.  Hudak's latest CD, Embracing Winter, was presented the "Best Holiday CD for 2012" by Zone Music Reporter Magazine out of New Orleans.  

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