After nearly nine years of performing as the house pianist at Round Hill Country Club, Jim Hudak provided a new twist last weekend. On November 18, 2006, he performed a 20-minute set on his Martin D-18 guitar as a solo instrumentalist. He worked the short set in between his normal piano instrumental sets. The guitar debut was well-received, encouraging Jim to try it again sometime. "It was fun to do a change of pace," he says. "But in reality, it was a bit odd, too. Back in the day, when guitar was my primary instrument, I usually would sing, too, when I played it. In this setting, at Round Hill, singing wouldn't have been appropriate, as the room that night ("The Pub") was small and intimate. It's meant to be a fine dining experience, and I was afraid that singing would have been too much of an intrusion in that room. So I stuck with the background music approach on the guitar, and just played a few quieter instrumentals." Still, several members and guests in attendance that night informed management that the guitar was a welcome addition. They mentioned that they'd like to see Jim on guitar again. "Actually, what appears to be evolving here is the idea of my doing a bona fide concert at Round Hill sometime next spring. Sort of like what I did at The Freight and Salvage in Berkeley a couple months ago, where other musicians joined me and we put on a full-scale show. I enjoy that, as I'm able to showcase more of my own original music, as well as play some guitar and add some vocals. Tell a few jokes, even. The management team at Round Hill has been very encouraging and supportive of the idea. It would probably be a combination dinner and concert event, which would be great. It would allow me to showcase the other aspects of my music to the members at Round Hill, and I would enjoy that a lot." Meanwhile, will Jim be doing more guitar instrumental music at Round Hill anytime soon? "Very possibly," he says. "I'll kind of go with my instincts and try to bring the guitar back at the right time and place." Stay tuned for more information on that subject. It looks like some more interesting musical developments will be happening for Jim Hudak at Round Hill Country Club soon.

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