On Saturday, January 25th, Jim Hudak will venture to beautiful Sausalito, CA to do some recording at "Studio P."  Owned and operated by Joe Paulino and Tim White, Studio P features extraordinarily high end microphones and a Yamaha Grand Piano.  Not a bad place to start! It's also in a lovely location, nestled in the hillside above Sausalito.

Paulino, a multi-talented musician, has made his mark as a voiceover artist, with credits including McDonald's, Levi-Strauss, Monday Night Football, and countless others.  White is an audio engineer guru who's also a versatile musician and voiceover artist.  He and Hudak met last fall when Jim enrolled in a "Sound On Picture" class he teaches that  at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill, CA.

"If nothing else, it will be nice to record someplace other than in my own home studio for a change," says Hudak.  "For the past several years, virtually all of my recording has been done at home.  While it's convenient, my studio has its limitations, and this sounds like a great place to record in some different surroundings." 

Hudak thoroughly enjoyed the class he took last fall.  The "Sound On Picture" class was one of the best classes I've ever had, and that's saying a lot," he notes.  "The chance to continue a working relationship with Tim, an extraordinarily bright and interesting person, is just tremendous."

Jim hopes to record at least a couple original compositions in the studio this Saturday.  He's deciding which of his many songs would be the most appropriate to record in what will be a short but sweet session. 

While it will be something of a "feel out" experience, it's possible that this testing of the waters will generate additional opportunities in the days ahead. "Having done a fair share of voiceover work along with all the music recording I've done, hooking up with Tim and Joe seems like an appropriate thing to do," he explains.

As always, we'll keep you posted on the further adventures of Jim Hudak's action packed life and career.


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