Jim Hudak has joined the video revolution. Captured live while performing his original song "City of the Angels" in concert, a video of this performance can be seen on the popular YouTube website. The four and a half minute video provides a glimpse of the multifaceted talents of this great artist. Introducing the song with his inimitable brand of self-deprecating humor, Hudak renders a fine vocal performance of the piece along with stellar piano work. The song is a tribute to his beloved city of Los Angeles. "This song took me about seven years to write," said Hudak recently. "I would go to a special spot I'd found on a mountain top between the ocean side and the desert side of the city that would give me a 360-degree view of the greater Los Angeles area," he continues. "I would bring my guitar up there almost daily, and slowly add a phrase or line to the song bit by bit. I finally had it pretty well finished by the mid-90's, and recorded a studio version of the song with some great session players. I also have two different instrumental recordings of the song available on two of my CD's. But this is the first time I've ever had a video performance of myself singing the song, and I'm really happy with the way it turned out." To see this historic video, go to www.youtube.com and enter "Jim Hudak" in the search bar at the top of the screen. Then click on the title "City of the Angels," and the video will begin playing automatically. We welcome your e-mails and comments at jimmydak@pacbell.net. There is also a box available for your comments on the YouTube website. Watch for additional video footage of Jim Hudak in the near future, including video clips that you can view from this website. Yes, it's true - Jim Hudak has joined the video revolution. Halleluiah!

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