With Jim Hudak's upcoming September 10th concert at The Freight and Salvage just over two weeks away, rehearsals continue at full-tilt. Jim took time out of his busy schedule this week to comment on the state of affairs regarding the practices and personalities of those involved in the upcoming performance. "It starts with the music, and we've got an exciting evening of music taking shape here. This type of show gives me the chance to do what I want to do, which is to present a wider scope and variety of music than I'm usually able to do in many of my performances." "Both Dennis Tuohino and Annabelle Marie are incredibly versatile, talented players. We've been having fun in our rehearsals just bouncing back and forth on different instruments. A few of the songs we'll do at The Freight will feature vocals, and Annabelle, with her ongoing experience in directing Voena (a large children's choir) has helped us come up with some nice harmonies. It's really been fun. "Dennis, meanwhile, is about as purely musical as anyone I've ever worked with. Like me, he absolutely adores music from multiple musical genres, but unlike most of us, he understands and applies the theory, harmony and essential characteristics of each genre seamlessly and effortlessly. He's just a joy to be around, and his innate love of music is a pleasure to behold." Jim Hudak's musical roots set the tone for his varied tastes in music. "As a kid, I was exposed to everything: classical, rock and roll, folk, boogie-woogie and bluegrass." He plans on showcasing some folk and country music at The Freight and Salvage concert. "The Freight has such a rich background in acoustic and folk music. Virtually every major (and sometimes not so major) acoustic music act has played there at one time or another. That, of course, includes lots of folk music from singer- songwriters. Back in the 60's and 70's I cut my musical teeth on artists such as Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie, Peter Paul and Mary, and James Taylor. They all had acoustic guitars, they all wrote songs, and they all sang, too. I plan to honor the music tradition of the Freight and Salvage by offering some of that kind of music on the night of September 10th." Jim joked that due to the wide ranging variety of music to be performed, that he's been thinking of nicknaming the trio of himself, Dennis, and Annabelle "The Versatillos," but that's a very unofficial moniker at this point. "You try to walk that line where you enjoy playing music, and can get the chance to play another instrument now and then without sacrificing musical quality. With the three of us, we've got all kinds of rhythm instruments at our disposal, along with bass, guitar, piano, and the occasional vocals. Particularly with Dennis and Annabelle's talents, the quality of the musicianship is such that nothing is sacrificed in terms of the music presentation." For those concerned that the piano instrumentals that are so much a part of Jim Hudak's music might get lost in the shuffle, they are not to worry. "One of the main reasons we're doing this show is as a hometown showcase for music from my new "Bridging Textures" CD. "Almost all of the songs from that CD will be performed that night, as well as a few songs from my previous four CD releases. Piano instrumental music will still be the main thrust of the concert." Advance tickets can be obtained via mail order or by dropping by the box office at the Freight and Salvage at 1111 Addison Street in Berkeley. For more information, call The Freight at (510) 548-1761.

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