Hello Friends and Music Lovers:

Over the past few months I've had the pleasure of recording a couple sessions.  The first was back in late October, as percussionist Ron Potts joined me and my ultra-talented engineer and friend, Jon Lesher, who helped Ron and I lay down some tracks from some of my original music.  I recorded both piano and guitar, and even threw on a couple vocal tracks on a some of the songs. We recorded a non-original song, too, one of my all-time favorites: "Ghost Riders In The Sky."  It was kind of a cool-funky version with just piano and drums - we may add more parts later.

In late January, I ventured up to Marin County and recorded some piano tracks in "Studio P," engineered by Tim White.  Tim co-owns the studio with Joe Paulino, and it's a nice facility.  They have the same model Yamaha grand piano as I do here in my home studio, so I thought that was an interesting coincidence.

We recorded several takes of two songs I wrote with my longtime songwriting partner, Dan Erikson.  "Don't Ask Me" and "Seasons," two of my favorite winter flavored originals, were the songs we worked on that day.  We did "piano only" tracks, without any other instruments or vocals.  But we recorded a few takes with the idea of adding different instruments and/or vocals later.

Studio P features some extremely high end microphones, and we got a nice piano sound.  Joe really knows the "room" there, and it was fun working with he and Tim for the first time. Tim taught the class I took last semester at Diablo Valley College here in the Bay Area, called "Sound With Picture." It was a great class, and Tim is not only a good teacher, but a multi-talented musician and audio engineer specialist in his own right. I'm anxious to revisit those tracks from Studio P and see how they sound now, six weeks later.

Now comes the fun part, though it gets tedious sometimes:  editing and mixing.  Today's digital recording world makes editing easier than in the old analog days, but it's still a specialized skill.  Fortunately, Jon is a tremendous editor, and after working with him for more than eight years, he's become especially adept at editing piano tracks. Piano recording presents its own particular challenge, but I know Jon's up to the task.

Will write more later, but it feels good to be back at it.  We'll see how things turn out following my upcoming session with Jon next week.

Musically yours,


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