Hello All: With the dog days of summer upon us, thoughts of crisper weather and football and hockey creep into our mindsets. Don't they? For me, they do. But then I recognize that not everyone is a football and/or hockey fan. But for me, as some of you know, music and sports have always been two of my main motivators. Besides, the "crisper weather" aspect applies to all of us in the northern hemisphere, whether or not we're sports fans. I thought I'd take a moment to update any of you who've found your way to my website on some of what's going on for me lately. So, in no particular order, here are a few happenings: 1. We've been doing a major remodel on our house here in Clayton, CA. As I type, the pounding of hammers resonates through my ears, as it has for the past month. The noise can be disruptive, yes. But I always remember the words of one of my all-time favorite writers, Louis L'Amour, who said that "I could sit in the middle of Sunset Boulevard and write with my typewriter on my knees; temperamental I'm not." I've always loved that quote, and to some extent, Louis' words apply to me, too. 2. My home studio. The equipment has been purchased! A powerful new Apple Computer, a ProTools software system, a pair of near field monitor speakers, a high-end AKG microphone (to go with other mics I've purchased over the years) and various other miscellaneous pieces of recording equipment sit stacked in their boxes, ready for set up. First, though, I must continue to make room for the new studio equipment by continuing the long "clear out" and reorganization of existing furniture and equipment here in my office, which is where the studio will be set up. But seeing all those unopened boxes stacked up serves as inspiration. I can't wait to get this thing up and running. 3. My sore back. Just prior to the Greater Spunkies Family Reunion last month in Grants Pass, Oregon, I wrenched my back pretty good. It hasn't been the same since, and sitting at the piano for extended periods of time has been difficult. I'll be seeing a back specialist doctor this week, and we'll see if we can come up with a plan to get my back right again. I'll stop here for now. Those are three of the major events going on for me these days. My wife Linda just had a birthday, and we're continuing to work with the remodeling contractors each day to keep things moving and on schedule. Linda, with her construction oriented background, is particularly valuable to have around during this process. We hope to have the remodeling done by the end of October. We'll keep you posted. Meanwhile, best wishes to everyone. Be well! Jim Hudak

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